How to Support

Join us in the game-changing mission of empowering communities through soccer!

At Den of Lions, our nonprofit organization is dedicated to leveraging the power of sport to enact positive social change. Every donation, regardless of size, serves as a cornerstone in our efforts to create lasting impact and opportunity for youth across Newark and beyond.

Through our programs, we strive to instill crucial values such as teamwork, discipline, and respect while providing a safe and nurturing environment for young athletes to thrive.

Your support enables us to continue offering access to quality coaching, equipment, and facilities, ensuring that every child has the chance to discover their potential on the field and beyond.

But our mission extends far beyond the boundaries of the soccer pitch. With your generosity, we can expand our reach, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity in our communities.

Together, let's kickstart a positive change that resonates through generations, transforming lives and building stronger, more resilient neighborhoods.

Join our winning team today by making a donation to Den of Lions.

Your contribution not only fuels our programs but also symbolizes your commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people.

Together, we can score goals beyond the pitch and create a brighter future for all. Donate now and become a champion of change with Den of Lions!